Vietnam Attractions and Hotels

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Vietnam is one of the countries in the Asian Pacific region that has some of the best tourist sites in the world. Although the country has been under the shadows of civil unrest before, it has recovered and still earned a status as one of the best tourist destinations. There are many reasons why you should make Vietnam as your next holiday destination. Most of the reasons will be brought to light as passage unfolds. However, the country is home to many historical landmarks that can certainly enthrall any tourist. There are also religious related sites that have been held in high esteem by the local people; sites that you will definitely want to see. 

There are numerous tourist attractions in Vietnam. The country boasts of over 950 notable tourist sites and a few non-notable ones. Therefore, it is entirely up to you to begin the exploration of the sites from any location; you will simply lose count of the total number of tourist sites in the country. For example, in Hanoi there are over 80 tourist sites; mesmerizing enough to take the breathe of any tourist away. This is where you can find the Vietnam Women’s Museum as well as the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. In addition, you can also go and delve into the country’s oldest past by visiting the Temple of literature and National University. This is the country’s oldest temple and university which saw its establishment in the 11th century. There is also the Lake of the Restored Sword, a lake that bestows a great measure of tranquility upon its visitors. Here you can find a scarce breed of turtles living alongside the local people; couples and a few solos can also go and enjoy the great measure of peace around the lake. Vietnam is a country that will reveal its past warfare encounters in the Vietnam Military History Museum.

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You will not see all the tourist sites indicated above while residing under a tree. Rather, you will find many high quality hotels within the radius of the tourist sites. For example, Hanoi that was referred to above is home to over400 hotels; which include the Essence Hanoi hotel and the Hanoi elegance Ruby.

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