Venezuela Attractions and Hotels

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Venezuela has remained one of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations for a long time now. The country’s location and its vast collection of many historical sites and notable landmarks have had a huge bearing on its tourism industry. In addition, the country also boasts of a good number of outstanding accommodation facilities which ensure that every tourist has where to stay during their visit. There is also good infrastructure in transportation and communication. As such every tourist can enjoy close contacts with their loved ones back home or even carry out business using the wireless internet connection at most most hotels.

What does Venezuela have to offer to every tourist who visits it? There are numerous tourist attraction sites in Venezuela; an estimated 150 tourist sites can be found in this country. One of the most notable tourist destinations is Caracas; it boasts of over 30 tourist sites that no tourist can afford to miss. In Caracas there is the Centro de Arte La Estancia, which comes to light when arts are being exhibited although it has a lot of art to showcase. There is also the Hacienda Floresta; this is arguably the oldest National Park in Caracas, having been established in 1600s. Currently, the park hosts the museum for photography. From Caracas you can move on to the Margarita islands where you will find the Isla Coche, the Basilica Virgin del Valle and the Paradise beach. The Isla Coche is renowned for its beauty, the presence of very good white sand and palm trees. On the other hand, the Basilika Virgin del Valle is a religious site of Roma Catholic and many who have held the Virgin Mary in high esteem usually visit the site to pay her homage.

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Venezuela is a country with enough accommodation facilities of high quality. All the tourist sites within the country can be visited while enjoying a comfortable stay within the hotels that are located nearby. For example, if you begin by visiting the Margarita islands; you can enjoy staying in the La Posada del Capitan Henry, the Hotel Patrick and Posada Yemaya.

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