USA Attractions and Hotels

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The United States has continued to be among the world’s best locations of tourist sites. This country is the world’s super power and already that inspires awe in most tourists; they want to see for themselves what the world’s super power has to offer to its tourists. The world’s best super power has a wide variety of high quality accommodation facilities and, its transport and communication is probably the most technologically advanced in the whole world. The United States is very rich in history and culture. For example, you can go and visit the major historical landmarks of the country that depict its heritage and values as set-up by its founding fathers. The United States boasts of the largest filming industry in the whole world. This is the place to be if you want to see the infamous Hollywood, the  wonders of Disney and Mickey. You can also go and experience the live performance of some of the best country musicians in the whole world.

There are many tourist sites that the world’s super power has to offer. Being a vast region of the world, it is entirely up to the tourist to decide where to begin your exploration of the United States. Over 10,000 tourist sites can be found in the United States. New York in particular has a lot to offer to tourists. This is where you can find the Manhatttan Skyline, the Wicked, the Jersey Boys and the Frick collection. The Manhattan Skyline is famous for being the most beautiful skyline in the world, especially in the night. New York is also home to the Metropolitant Museum of Art, which is renowned for offering the largest collection of art in an encyclopedic manner. After New York, you can visit Washington DC; this city is the home of memorial museums and memorial sites such as the Vietnam War memorial sites as well as the World War memorial sites.

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The United States is a hive of numerous outstanding hotels whose infrastructure is remarkable. However, you should look out for the following hotels; the Casablanca Hotel Times Square, the Library Hotel and the Chelsea Pines Inn.

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