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Tokyo Sky View - Photo by Yodalica WIKIPEDIA

Tokyo Sky View – Photo by Yodalica WIKIPEDIA

Tokyo(東京is the capital city of Japan, and also the biggest metropolis in the world with a population of over 35 million people. The city is known for its modern high-rise buildings and it is one of the major economic centres in the world. The Imperial Palace aka Royal Palace for Japan’s royalty is located in the city of Tokyo.

Since 1943, Japan has grown into a large metropolitan area with 39 municipalities and home to over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Tokyo offers high quality facilities for tourists, expatriates and business travellers. It is a place of unique culture, tradition and arts in the Asian region. To most people, the word “high tech” is synonymous with Japan.Indeed, Tokyo is a futuristic city with high tech buildings, transport systems and infrastructure. It is a center for innovation and leading manufacturer of cars and electronic goods. Think of the world’s famous brands – Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, Honda, Nintendo, Canon and Nikon.

The history of Tokyo dates back to the 12th century, when the city started as a small village known as “Edo” .In 1457,Ōta Dōkan (太田a Samurai warrior, built Edo castle in the village and as the village grew into a populous political center, succeeding rulers moved their base to Edo.The city is surrounded by a series of islands which are spread about 1850 kilometres from the city center.These include the volcanic islands of Izu and the Ogasawara islands. About 36% of the Tokyo area is nature reserves where you will find national parks and museums.

Tokyo has cool winters from the month of January to March and a hot moist atmosphere from the month of April to October. November and December are also cool. In Otemachi and Chiyoda areas of Tokyo, you should expect an average 9.7 days of snow in the months of January, February and March.

Tokyo is taking measures to go green by the year 2016, by growing an estimated 220,000 roadside trees in an effort to cut green house emissions.

The Chinese, Koreans, Filipinnos, British and Americans are among the foreign nationals found in Tokyo.

The tourist attractions in Tokyo are abound in Central Tokyo, Western Tokyo, Northern Tokyo, Southern Tokyo and the outskirts. In Central Tokyo you will enjoy the sight of the Imperial Palace, where the Imperial Family lives, the Hama Rikyu,a landscape garden close to the Shiodome,the Imperial East Gardens – a park where the ancient Edo Castle was situated, the Koishikawa Korakuen ,a landscape garden near Tokyo Dome, the Akihabara – a community for otaku and electronic gadgets.

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