Taiwan Attractions and Hotels

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Taiwan is one of Asia’s best tourist destinations. The country has got very good infrastructure in roads, air and rail and the overall accommodation is of high quality standards. Being a part of the Asian Pacific region, the country is home to numerous tourist sites that can take the breath of any tourist away. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for a tourist to run out of what to see. Rather, any tourist will run out of time to see every tourist site in one holiday. The country has a remarkable weather and the people have built a reputation of welcoming tourists from all walks of life. Movement within the country is very smooth as the country’s transport sector matches that of mainland China.

There are numerous tourist sites in Taiwan. The country’s tourist sites number up to 590, although these are just the most notable. In Taipei you will find over 130 tourist sites. The most notable ones include the National Palace Museum and the Taiwan Xin Gan Xian, which is a transportation system to reckon with. Go and be part of Taiwan’s memories by visiting the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, a landmark building with a good number of magnificent walkways as well as gardens. The building itself is made of marble and tiles. There is also the Long Shang Temple, one of Taiwan’s most notable religious sites. As such, the place hosts a lot of religious festivals and is referred to as the Dragon mountain; which is Lungshan in the local language. Taipei zoo brings a whole unique collection of animals. Go and visit this Zoo to have a good look at some of the country’s awesome animals.  Nature and flowerly gardens in one scene is exactly what you see when you get to Yangmingshan National Park .

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The country is home to some very outstanding hotels and resorts. Taiwan is home to over 1300 hotels. Hualien hotels, Yilan hotels,  Nantou hotels and Taipei hotels are some of the most notable hotels in Taiwan. Others include the Taitung hotels, Xinbei hotels and the Pingtung hotels. There is a place to sleep for every tourist.

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