Sweden Attractions and Hotels

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Sweden is a wonderful tourist destination. The country is home to a vast collection of tourist sites that can take the breathe of any tourist away. It is one of the Nordic countries; and that spells good infrastructure in roads, railways and air transport. Sweden is a country that is very rich in history and an awesome culture. As such, there are numerous historical sites within the country. There are many hotels within Sweden that offer a very unique experience of hotel life. In addition, there are numerous structures whose architecture is a marvel to watch. Make Sweden your holiday destination, this holiday and you will never want to go back home.

What does Sweden have to offer to every tourist out there? There are many tourist sites in Sweden, numbering up to  400 and beyond. You can begin to explore Sweden from any region; it is entirely up to you to choose where to start from. For formality, you can begin with Stockholm; the country’s most remarkable tourist destination. This is where you can find more than 100 tourist sites, which includes the Vasa Museum, the Djugarden, The Old Town and Miles Garden. The museum is renowned for holding the Vasa ship; a very old ship which was retrieved from the sea after more than 300 years. Djurgarden is famous for its beautiful and charming surroundings that make it a peaceful place to stay; solos as well as lovers can take advantage of the tranquility that is associated with this place. The Old Town is the city’s oldest town; it is particularly famous for its stunningly beautiful and marvelous architecture.

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 Sweden is home to numerous hotels; over 3000 hotels can be found in Sweden. Stockholm is Sweden’s best destination and its hotels are outstanding. This is where you can find the Hotel Rival, the Radsson Blu Water Front Hotel and the Hotel Skeppsholmen. These three hotels are the best in Stockholm. Therefore, they are the ones to look out for when visiting the city’s tourist sites. Gothenburg is another city in Sweden that is home to high quality hotels., some of which include; the Avalon and the Hotel Royal Gothenburg. 

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