Sri Lanka Attractions and Hotels

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Sri lanka will definitely complete your search for a holiday destination of your life. The country is home to one of the most intriguing tourist destinations that this earth is able to offer. Its infrastructure in roads, rails and air are good enough to erase the excuse of not visiting a particular tourist destination on the basis of lack of transport. The country is also rich historically, giving you a lot a lot of sites if ou want to delve into its history. In addition, there is also a lot of culture for an tourist to enjoy and the local weather is very conducive for tourism.

Sri Lanka is home to a lot of historical sites that many tourists have been able to reckon with. However, the most notable one is Anuradhapura. This is one region that has has been recorded to be the most significant ancient capitals in Sri lanka. The ancient capital has got reserves of the country’s earliest civilization. This ancient city is also home to several monasteries whose current inhabitants are the Buddhists.  There is also the Arugam bay whose location is the Indian ocean. This is a bay that has been renowned for its magnificent surfing sites and some fishing sites. However, the place is home to many low cost tourist sites; resulting in fewer tourists per annum. Another remarkable tourist site in Sri Lanka is the Adam’s peak, spanning a vertical height of over 2,200 meters. Buddhits, Moslems and Hindus have a lot of regard for this site as a place where buddha, Adam and Shiva set his footprint respectively. As such, the rock is called the sacred foot print. Sri  lanka also has numerous beaches which are hosted by the coastal city in the name of Betoka. This is the place where you can find Toddy, an alcoholic beverage which is blended using nectar from coconut.

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Sri Lanka is home to many accommodation facilties. There are over 380 hotels in Sri Lanka.  Some of these include the Kandy hotels, the Negombo hotels, Colombo hotels as well as Unawatuna hotels. You will not sleep under the tree.

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