South Korea Attractions and Hotels

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South Korea is an outstanding tourist destination. If you are this passage for the first time, then your search for a holiday this summer has just been found. South Korea’s economy has thrived in the recent pas and has brought along with it a boom in the tourism sector. Therefore, the country’s infrastructure has also been improved to suit ultramodern standards. This being the case, South Korea’s accommodation facilities and tourist sites are exceedingly remarkable. Although the country has been associated with some intense fightings with the North, it has never lost its grip on tourism. Go and see for yourself what this Asian Pacific region country has to offer.

What does the country have to offer? There is lot that can mesmerize any tourist and also that which can take any tourist’s breath away. The are about 650 tourist attraction sites in South Korea. As a matter of fact, every region of the country has a tourist attraction site of its own. Take your time to learn abot the country’s war history by visiting the The War Memorial of Korea. There is also the tantalizing pieces of the art that you can view in the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art and the National Museum of Korea. South Korea never runs out of wildlife as depicted by the presence of the Bukhansan National Park, the Hangang Park, the Un Memorial Park and the Namsan Park. The country is also rich religiously and you can confirm that by visiting the Haedong Yonggung Temple or the Beomiosa Temple. Other tourist sites to reckon with include the Gwngali beach, Haeundae Beach, the Geumjung Mt fortress, the Busan tower and the remarkable and infamous Ripplye’s Believe It or Not Museum. And the Jeobang waterfall. Although a good number of tourist sites have been named here, the list is hard to exhaust.

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Do not think hat you will not have were to lodge when you go for your holidays in South Korea. The country has amazing accommodation facilities. Over an amazing 1300 hotels can be found in South Korea. Most of the best hotels can be found in Seoul, such as the Park Hyatt Seoul Hotel and  the JW Marriott Hotel.

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