Songkran 2015 – Pattaya – Thai New Year

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Dear Traveler,

While the western world has already forgotten about its New Year, the people of Thailand are just making preparations for their special New Year – Songkran, a traditional Thai festival to mark the beginning of the Buddhist New Year. The city of Pattaya joins the rest of the country in celebrating this wonderful occasion.

The Thai New Year begins on 13 April and ends on 15 April, so it’s a three day occasion for partying, celebrating and simply having fun. It is also a spiritual occasion to impart blessings for the New Year to your loved ones. People pray and hope that the misfortunes of the past year do not pour into the New Year. On this day, people will pour each other with water to send good wishes.

The Songkran celebration in Pattaya is different from the rest of the country in that the people here love partying. They will celebrate and party even after the 15th of April. After Songkran, there are four more days of celebrations. The festival which comes immediately after Songkran is called Wan Lai and it extends up to 19 April. The name Wan Lai is translated to “the day that flows” in the English language.

Why Songkran Pattaya is the Best

If you want to have a rocking festival of your lifetime, then you should pack your bags and head for Pattaya.This city is the hottest spot during the April holidays, and millions of Thai travel to the place to partake in one of the longest celebrations that you can have in the country.

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Pattaya has the most enthusiastic fans, who begin celebrating two days in advance, before the start of Songkran.Many people will book a holiday in this resort just to be in the right spot and time for taking part in crazy water fights that reach a climax on the 19th of April.


Places to Be and Things to Do:

The schedule is as follows:


11 April – Celebrations begin. Make sure you are at one of these locations:


  • Soi 6
  • Soi 7
  • Soi 8
  • Soi Buakhao


18 April – Celebrations will take place at these locations:


  • The Old Naklua Fresh Market and the areas in Naklua.


19 April – The mother of all celebrations takes place on this date, which is the last day of Songkran.Many people will gather on this day alongside the road to the beach, to spray each other with water guns. It’s a water party, with water bombs flying everywhere. Roads leading to and out of this stretch will be closed to vehicles, allowing a traffic-free zone for celebrations.



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