Russia Attractions and Hotels

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There is no tourist destination whose standards can match those of Russia. This super power is certainly a must go region of the world. Russia is not only among the five super powers of the world, but is also a giant in as far as tourism is concerned. The country’s historical sites are certainly what every tourist must see. There are also numerous architectural marvels within the entire country that can entice any tourist. With its ever booming economy, Russia is home to very viable investment in the tourism sector. This has made the country to be the hive of numerous tourist activities which also include high quality accommodation in all the areas that are near tourist sites. In addition, to possessing high quality accommodation facilities, the country also boasts of a very good road network as well as remarkable airports. Any tourist will be able to commute to one’s desired tourist site with enough ease.

Russia is home to more than 4000 tourist sites; you can obviously manage to keep a fraction of these in your memory if at all you tried to call to mind some of the sites you visited. Therefore, it is entirely up to you to choose the tourist site to begin with and the one to end with. If you begin your tourist visit in Russia by seeing what Moscow has to offer; this capital city of Russia is able to offer more than 600 tourist sites. For example, there is St. Basil Cathedral; a church whose architecture is a marvel every tourist. You can also visit the Red Square or the Krashnaya Ploshchad as it is called by the locals. This landmark historical site used to be the major site for executions and military troops would also parade around its premises. Apart from Russia, there is also St. Petersburg which is home to over 300 tourist sites. This is the place where you can find the amazing church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood.

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The accommodation facilities in Russia are numerous and offer a classic style of living; over 1600 hotels can be located within Russia. However, the most notable ones are the Hotels within St. Petersburg and Moscow. That is where you experience hotel life which you have never experienced before.

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