Okavango Delta – Maun Hotels, Guesthouses, Bed & Breakfast, Safari Camps – Starting from $37 per Night, Visit Botswana

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The Okavango Delta is one of the biggest attractions for nature, wildlife and geography lovers. It’s a swampy ecosystem surrounded by the Kalahari desert whereby the great Okavango river meanders through the middle of the desert, providing a lifeline and water source to thousands of wild animals. The thin desert bushes get thicker and greener as you approach the swamps.

Closer to this wildlife habitat is the town of Maun which provides a dropping off point for travellers looking for accommodation.

The dry and flood season, May to October is the best time to visit the Delta if you want to see lots of animals teaming towards the river. Visitors can book a canoe cruise which allows them to get a close view of wildlife in the swamps.

There are more than 15 lodges in the town of Maun, starting from $37 per night for budget conscious travellers. Visitors can set up camps in the middle of the desert steppe with scattered short bushes. The most expensive lodges are over $500 a night.

We have prepared a list of the most affordable lodges. All you have to do is click the button below and select your hotel.

Staymorr Boutique Guesthouse, plot 16585, Disaneng, Maun in Botswana.

Town of Maun:

Okavango Delta:

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