Nepal Attractions and Hotels

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Nepal is one of Asia’s most remarkable tourist destinations. The place is full of places that can enhance the enjoyment of your holidays. There are many areas in Nepal that you cannot help to visit. There is Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dhulikel and Lumbini. However, the most remarkable tourist destination that Nepal has to offer is Nargakot located in the valley of Kathmandu. This outstanding tourist destination is located just in the east of Kathmandu in Nepal. Being associated with many beautiful scenes, Nargakot has earned itself a scenic destination status particularly because it offers the best spots for viewing high peaks within and near Nepal.

Nepal has over 320 tourist attractions with some notable ones in Nargakot. There are numerous attractions for tourists and the holiday experience in this small Village is spectacular. However, if you want to get the best of your holiday experience in Nargakot; visit the area between October and March. Being an elevated land, you will find it very easy to see the peaks of the breathtaking Himalayan mountain. It is also the perfect spot for seeing the infamous Mount Everest. Many tourists visit Pokahara and tour its wonderful areas in small groups either using bikes or simply using a hike; this is the place where you can enjoy sightseeing. Apart from hosting the small village of Nargakot, Kathmandu Valley also offers you an opportunity to experience the religious aspects of Nepal by visiting the Pashupatinath temple and the Bagmati river’s cremation ceremonies. In addition to all the tourist sites that have been named above, Nepal is also home to the Chitwan, Langtang and Sagarmatha National Parks.

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Accommodation facilities in Nepal are numerous and are of high quality; up to 227 hotels can be found in Nepal. All these hotels offer high quality standards near your preferred areas of visit. For those who are visiting Kathmandu, they can take advantage of the Kathmandu hotels. On the other hand, tourists in Pokhara can also take advantage of the hotels in Pokhara. In addition, there are also Nargakot hotels for tourists who are visiting Nargakot.


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