Hwange National Park – Hotels, Guesthouses, Bed & Breakfast, Safari Camps – Starting from $87 per Night, Visit Zimbabwe

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Hwange National Park in Western Zimbabwe is one of the biggest game parks in Africa and the richest in the world in terms of the variety and number of mammal species.

There are 102 species of mammals at Hwange, the highest number you can ever find at any game park in the world.

Another unique aspect of this game reserve is its high concentration of big land mammals, which is the highest in the world. Here you will find not just elephants, giraffes, buffalo, zebras, rhinoceros and wildebeest but also hyenas, wild dogs and leopards in their reasonable numbers. The biggest pride of lions with at least 20 members in their group lives here. The park is overpopulated with elephants numbering over 45,000.

Hwange has benefited greatly from slow and stagnant development in Zimbabwe. Large bush forests and the wildlife in it have not suffered from hotel and resort developments encroaching into the natural habitat.

The game park also happens to receive a few visitors each year, which means you can visit anytime without the hassle of peak seasons. This is the greatest yet uncrowded game park, perfect for rich and affluent high class travellers who enjoy holidaying in the quietness of uncrowded resorts.

Hwange is not far from the Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world.

There are high quality and well kept hotels, safari camps and lodges beginning from $87 per night.

We have prepared a list of the most affordable accommodation in Hwange. All you have to do is click the booking button below and select your accommodation:

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Hwange Safari Lodge

Hwange National Park:

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