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Hello travellers,
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Hotel Booking Tips to get the Best Deal

A large number of leisure and business travelers do their hotel booking online via a computer or mobile phone. The following are tips to help you choose the right hotel accommodation. Although price is a factor, you might also want to look at other things that will make your stay enjoyable. After all, it is the environment that matters.

Book by Price: Discount Hotels

Look for the lowest-priced hotel if you want to save money. This is essential if you are on a tight budget and you want to spare money for other uses at your destination. Just by using the hotel search, you will get results of hotel rates sorted in order starting with the lowest price, allowing you to choose the best hotel from the list. Most of the hotels are offering discounts starting from 10% up to 80%.

Book by Location: Beach Hotels

Location is an important consideration for someone who wants to stay close to a place of interest. If you are planning a holiday at a beach, you might want to find a hotel nearest the beach resort. You might want a hotel in a business district, near the airport, downtown, in the outskirts or in a shopping district. Staying near your place of interest helps you save time and money that is needed to get to the place. Sports fanatics might want to book a hotel near a football stadium. In case of a festival event or leisure trip, you might want to book a hotel near a location that gives you the best view of the proceedings.

Book by Quality Rating: Luxury Hotels

Star ratings are the easiest way to help you determine the expected quality of service and facilities of a hotel. Hotels have different kinds of rooms for clients, and this will depend on how much you are willing to pay.5 star hotels have the best facilities and they provide first grade service for their clients.However, you will have to pay more for this service.1 star and 2 star hotels are at the lower end of the scale, and you should not expect much in terms of quality. Providing the basics is the goal.3 star hotels offer medium quality facilities and service, the kind of accommodation that is acceptable and standard.

Book by Activities: Vacation Clubs

Some hotels offer activities like skiing, golfing, tennis, swimming, beach surfing and water sports. If you are looking to participate in any of these activities, then you should look for a hotel that supports these kinds of activities.

Book by Interests / Services:

A hotel that seeks to help travelers make the best decision will provide a list of things that are offered at the hotel. These might be freebies like free breakfast, free internet or extra services at low cost like high speed internet, breakfast and dinner served in your room,spa,gym or private pool.

Deals, Promotions and Offers:

A cost savvy traveler will take advantage of deals and offers to enjoy the best services at lower cost. Hotels are constantly offering deals to attract customers. You might get an extra night free, get a huge 75% hotel discount or bonus points for making a booking during a certain period. Promotions are usually run weekly or just before a special but non-busy holiday like Mother’s Day. Travelling during this period can save you a lot of money.

Combo Holiday Packages:

A Holiday package is a single travel package that includes hotel and flight costs. Holiday packages might also include cruises, car rental and tickets to visit an amusement center or tourist attraction. These are designed for people who want to take a short holiday at a popular destination or tourist resort. A holiday package might be a visit to a beach resort, mountain resort, ski resort, amusement park, vacation club or a city break in one of the top destinations. With this type of package, the combined cost of your hotel and flight is a deal because it is lower than separate bookings. It is the best way to get a perfect holiday at the lowest price.

Seasonal Prices:

Travelling outside of busy seasons like Christmas and Easter will allow you to save money because hotel rates are very low during this time. The rates will increase towards the busy season when a lot of people are travelling. Therefore it is smart to travel when everybody is not travelling.

Advance Booking:

You can avoid paying higher hotel rates by booking well in advance. Last minute booking is not advised because it can incur extra charges and rooms might be already filled. Plan ahead and book a hotel room several days before your date of departure.

Weekend Stays:

Discounts for weekend stays are offered by some hotels and you should take advantage of them if you are checking into your hotel on Fridays.

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