Honduras Public Holidays

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Honduras holidays.

Honduras is a country in Central America with a population of 7.5 million people. Spanish is the official language in this Latin American country and the large majority are people of mixed race (between the Spanish and indigenous people) also known as the “mestizos”. Over 93% of the Hondurans (also called the Catrachos) are mestizos.The indigenous tribes in Honduras include the Miskitos, Tawahkas, Pechs, Tolupanes,Chortis and the Lencas.There are also people of  African heritage who live in the Bay Islands (just close to the Northern Honduran  coastal areas) who originate from the Caribbean, and their main language is English. The country has strong roots in Catholicism which is the most common religion among the population.However, other Christian religions have made inroads in the country.

The Honduras Calendar is blessed with a lot of public holidays dominated by National and Christian holidays.

New Year: Hondurans celebrate New Year on the 1st of January like everybody else.

Three Wise Men: This is a local observance remembering the three wise men, and observed on 6 January.

Lady of Suyapa: This holiday lasts for three days, and it celebrates the Lady of Suyapa.It starts on 1 February.

Lady of Suyapa – Day 2: This is the second day of the Lady of Suyapa.Celebrated on 2 February.

Lady of Suyapa – Day 3: This is the third of the Lady of Suyapa.Celebrated on 3 February.

Father’s Day: Observed on 19 March, it’s a day to give thanks to fathers around the country.

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March Equinox: A holiday based on solar phases and tilt of the earth. Observed on 20 March.

Maundy Thursday: This is the start of Easter observances. The holiday starts on a Thursday before Good Friday. The date is flexible, but always in March or April.

Good Friday: The first day of Easter holidays, and the day of the crucifixion. This a flexible date based on the year’s Christian calendar.

Holy Saturday: The second day of Easter, and the holy Sabbath day of rest. Again this date is flexible and it depends on the Christian calendar.

Easter Day: In Honduras, Easter Sunday is called Easter Day. It’s a Christian observance and its date is variable.

America Day: Celebrated on 16 April, this is the day of America, the continent.

May Day: This is Labor Day. Labor unions mark their achievements on this day. It is held on 1 May internationally.

Mother’s Day: Hondurans give thanks to mothers around the country. Celebrated on 13 May.

Corpus Christi:  A Christian feast to symbolize the body of Christ and his blood by participating in the Holy Communion (Blessed Sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church).

June Solstice: Observed on 20 June, this holiday is based on solar phases and it is marked on the solar calendar (the astronomical calendar).

Children’s Day: This is a day to give thanks for the blessings of children. This day is observed on 10 September.

Independence Day: A day to celebrate the independence of Honduras. Observed on 15 September.

Teachers Day: This is a National Day to mark the achievements and contributions of teachers around the country. Observed on 17 September.

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September Equinox: Equinoxes occur for the second time on 22 September. Based on the solar calendar.

Moranzan Day: The day of Moranzan is marked on 3 October.

Columbus Day: The famous explorer Christopher Columbus is celebrated on 15 October. The holiday has other significances as well.

Army Day: The day to give thanks to the Army is held on 22 October.

December Solstice:  A solar holiday based on the distance of the sun from the earth. Observed on 21 December.

Christmas Day: The Hondurans celebrate Christmas on 25 December.

New Year’s Eve: The last holiday of the year is the eve of New Year, celebrated on 31 December. This concludes the Honduras Calendar.

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