Guatemala Public Holidays

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Guatemala Holidays.

Guatemala is a country in Central America with a population of about 14.7 million people. The national language is Spanish and the population is composed of Indians who make up about 55% of the population, and the Mestizo (people of Spanish and Indian blood) who make up about 44% of the population. Between 50 to 60% of the population are Roman Catholics, 40% are Protestants and 3% are believers of the Eastern Orthodox faith.

The public holidays on the Guatemala Calendar are as follows:

New Year’s Day: The 1st of January is New Year in Guatemala.

March Equinox: This is an event based on the solar calendar. It occurs on 20 March.

Maundy Thursday: This is the Thursday before Good Friday. It’s a Christian observance marking the start of Easter. Holiday usually begins in March or April. For example 28 March.

Good Friday: This is the day of the crucifixion of Jesus. It usually begins in March or April and follows Maundy Thursday, for example 29 March.

Easter Saturday: The Jewish Holy Sabbath. Based on the Christian calendar.

Easter Sunday: The day of the resurrection, when Jesus rose from the tomb. Based on the Christian calendar.

Easter Monday: The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Based on the Christian calendar.

Labor Day: The 1st of May is a national holiday to celebrate the achievements of labor movements.

June Solstice: The date of 21 June is the period when the sun is further from the earth. Based on the celestial solar calendar.

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Army Day: This is the day of the army in Guatemala. It is celebrated on 30 June.

Assumption Day: Based on Christian theology, the Assumption of Mary is the moment when Virgin Mary was taken to heaven after her earthly life. It is celebrated on 15 August.

Independence Day: Independence celebrations commemorating the independence of Guatemala. Held on 15 September.

September Equinox: Based on the solar/lunar calendar, this occurs on 22 September.

1944 Revolution: A public holiday to commemorate the 1944 revolution. Held on 20 October.

All Saints Day: Roman Catholic Saints are remembered on this day of 1 November.

December Solstice: It is the day when the sun is closest to the earth on 21 December. Based on the lunar/solar calendar.

Christmas Day: The 25th of December is the day of Christmas. This Christian holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus. The Christmas tradition is very much alive in Guatemala. The Germans are credited with bringing the Christmas tree tradition to this country.

New Year’s Eve: This is a day on 31 December before the New Year has begun. Guatemalans celebrate on the eve of New Year. This ends the Guatemala calendar.

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