Greece Attractions and Hotels

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Greece is a country that is situated in Europe, particularly in eastern Eastern Europe.  It is an ancient country which has been reported to have ruled the whole world at some point in history; the country has registered a high status in history because of this. One thing that is very notable about Greece is its rich historical culture. Although the country has been the worst hit by the recent economic crunch which had rocked the entire Europe, it has still been able to stand up to its toes in as far as offering its tourists the best tourism experience. As such, you will still be able to come across the best tourism sites  that you will live to remember. Besides, the transport sector as well as the accommodation sector are still in Good shape. All you have to do is go to the country and enjoy the tourist sites; let country deal with its own economic woes.

This country has a lot of tourist sites that can blow your mind away. if you want to begin with visiting the Museum of the Cycladic Art to see the Ugo Rudinones’s sculptures and then move on to the art gallery of the museum where you can learn about some ancient history about Greece. There is also Mount Athos, a must see mountain that is also a peninsula of northern Greece. There is also the Mystras an ancient city which used to serve as a capital city of the Pelopnnesus from the 1300s to 1400s. You can also stimulate the movement of your adrenalin by taking a walk in the forests belonging to the ancient world of the Samara gorge. The beaches in Greece are exceptional; the most remarkable being the Myrtos beach found in the North-west of Kefalonia.

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There are many hotels in Greece which are of high high quality standards. Some of the best hotels in Greece are the Crete, the Lespbos, the, Naxos city and the  Samos hotels. Others include the Athens hotels and the Thasos hotels. You can be sure to get the best accommodation in all these hotels.

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