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Airline Booking Tips to get the Best Deal

Travelling by air is not an option anymore if you want to quickly get to your destination in record time. Flying is an obvious necessity but it comes with costs.However, there are ways to reduce the cost of your airline ticket if you are a frequent traveler. The following are tips to get a cheap flight when you are travelling:

Fly during off-peak hours:

Peak times are the busiest times when a lot of people are rushing to their appointments and destinations. Airlines will charge a higher fee for an airline ticket during peak times, therefore when you are booking a flight, study the weekly timetable before buying a ticket. Look at the rates being charged for each time of the day i.e. morning, afternoon and evening. You might find a difference in price based on the number of people that book a flight during that time.

Check the daily rates:

The price of airline tickets to the same destination can vary depending on the day. Flying on Fridays or Sundays can be expensive because a lot of people are travelling during these times. Fridays are when most people are going for weekend vacations, parties, shopping trips or just visiting family and friends. Sundays are also busy when people are getting ready to fly back home for work. Wednesday seems to be the least busy of all days and hence it will cost less to fly on this day. The cost of an airline ticket might also depend on the specific days when new flight deals and rates are announced. Monday is usually the day when most companies announce changes and you might get a good rate on this day.

Buy airline ticket in advance:

Book a flight several days or weeks in advance if you want to lower the cost of your airline ticket. Last minute flight bookings tend to have additional costs attached to them. In some cases, you might get a cheap ticket if you buy a ticket at the last minute when a promotion is just starting, but don’t bet on it. Booking earlier is still advised.

Have a flexible schedule:

Choosing a flexible schedule when you are booking a flight will guarantee you the cheapest flight because you are not restricted by time. As an example, when you choose to depart at any time of the day, the flight search engine will select the cheapest flight of the day, allowing you to save money.

Choose stopover flights:

Stopover flights which pass through secondary airports are cheaper than non-stop flights. A lot of low-cost airlines make use of secondary airports and you can take advantage of this option if it is available on the booking platform. Almost always, indirect flights are cheaper than direct flights, and if time or urgency is not your priority, then this is one way to save money.

Use a flight price comparison site:

A travel comparison site allows you to compare rates between various airlines and travel agencies. You can get a low-priced airline ticket quickly from thousands of results.

Use a travel agency:

Travel agencies like Agoda negotiate flight rates on behalf of customers. By using a travel agent such as Agoda, you are guaranteed a cheaper ticket than buying directly from the airline.

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