Dominican Republic Public Holidays

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Dominican Republic Holidays.

The Dominican Republic is a country in the Caribbean with a population of over 10 million people. Spanish is the official language but English is becoming a more common language among the immigrants followed by other languages like Chinese, Japanese and French Creole.

The Dominican Republic is a Roman Catholic country and over 80% of the population is Roman Catholic. People of mixed race (mulatto) form the majority, followed by African and white minorities. The following are public holidays on the Dominican Republic calendar:

New Year’s Day: This is celebrated on 1 January and it is a public holiday observed by everyone in the country.

Epiphany: This is a holiday on the Christian calendar as well as on the national calendar. Roman Catholics in the country observe this holiday on 6 January. It celebrates the biblical occasion when Christ came to earth as a human being.

Lady of Altagracia: This is observed on 21 January.

Duarte’s Day: This is celebrated on 26 January.

Independence Day: The country observes the day of independence on 27 February.

First Equinox: The first equinox is celebrated on 20 March. It’s a seasonal holiday.

Maundy Thursday: Observed on 28 March, this is a holiday on the Christian calendar. It has to do with the start of Easter. The day of observance varies each day.

Good Friday: This is the beginning of Easter. It’s a Christian observance. Observed on 29 March, but the date varies each year.

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Labor Day: This is a day to celebrate the service of laborers. It’s an international holiday also celebrated as May Day on 1 May.

Corpus Christi: It’s a Christian ceremony where the Blessed Sacrament (Holy Communion) is taken in remembrance of Christ. It’s observed on 30 May. The actual date is obtained by counting from Easter Sunday, from the time of Jesus’ resurrection.

June Solstice: This occurs on 21 June.

Restoration Day: This national holiday takes place on 16 August.

Second Equinox:  This seasonal occurrence takes place on 22 September.

Las Mercedes Day: This is a public holiday taking place on 24 September.

Constitution Day: Observance and commemoration of the constitution of the Dominican Republic, which takes place on 4 November.

December Solstice: A seasonal occasion to observe the second solstice of the year. It happens on 21 December.

Christmas Eve: The Christian country of the Dominican Republic observes the day before Xmas on 24 December.

Christmas Day:  Jesus Christ’s birthday is on 25 December. It is not the actual date but only a date that was imposed by the Roman Catholic Church.

Eve of New Year: Dominican Republicans celebrate the day before New Year on 31 December.

This Dominican Republic calendar ends here.

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