Denmark Attractions and Hotels

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Denmark is one of Europe’s best tourist destinations. The location of the country has a huge bearing on its performance in the tourism sector. Denmark’s economy is good enough for the entire world to reckon with. Its facilities in roads, rails and air are outstanding. In addition, all the accommodation facilities are of exceeding high quality and they will offer every tourist a unique experience of the Scandinavian region. There are many tourist sites throughout Denmark, and all of them will make a huge mark on the memory of the tourist involved. In addition, the country is rich in culture and history. Go to Denmark this holiday and experience the taste of true Scandinavian tourism at its best.

What will you find in Denmark? As indicated earlier, you will find a lot of tourist sites in this part of the world. Denmark has over 450 renowned tourist destinations. All of them are capable of giving every tourist a holiday visit of a lifetime. In Copenhagen for example, there are over 140 tourist sites in that are of great significance. The David collection is Copenhagen’s most notable tourist site. It is a fairly sized museum that hosts an amazing collection of art particularly Islamic art. Another outstanding tourist destination in Copenhagen is Glyptoteket, an outstanding collection of art. It was established in the late 1880s. This is the place where you can find the largest collection of ancient mediterannean art. There are also religious sites in Copenhagen such as the Church Our Saviour. If you want to be part of ancient Denmark, then you can advantage of the Egeskov Castle. This is the place that has fun pleasure for everyone; the kids, the elderly and the whole family.

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Denmark, not only has one of the best tourist sites in the world; but also boasts of some of the best hotels in the whole world. For example, Havneby hotels number up to 3 in total. Two of the three hotels in Havneby include the Hotel Kommandorgarden and the Hotel Faergeaarden. On the other hand, the most notable hotels in Copenhagen include the Nimb Hotel, Crown Plaza Copenhagen Towers and the Clarion collection Hotel Mayfair.

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