Cambodia Attractions and Hotels

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Cambodia is a small country that is located in south East Asia and in the southern part of one of the most famous Asian Peninsulas, the Indochina peninsula. Cambodia is a marvelous tourist destination. Ever since it was recognized a perfect tourist destination, the place has been home to dozens of tourists. There are numerous reasons why Cambodia has been able to attract a lot of tourists ever since it was identified as a tourist destination to reckon with. In the recent past the country has been associated significant economic development. This has been attributed to the oil and gas deposits that were found lying beneath the lands of Cambodia. As a result the country now has modern infrastructure in roads and transportation. Hence, you can be sure to enjoy your holiday in a modern and classic way.

You can never run out of places to visit in Cambodia. The country has a remarkable total of 500 tourist sites and over. Go and spoil yourself this holiday by visiting the many tourist sites in Cambodia. However, not all the 500 tourist sites and over will be brought to light in this passage; only a few notable will be considered.  Go and see Koh Kong a place where water is a friend of the people. This is where you can enjoy a boat cruise of a lifetime. Cambodia also happens to be very rich in ancient history and culture. One of the best ancient tourist sites is Kampong Cham, a place where you will be able to delve into the history of the country. You can also go and enjoy a walk over the traditional bridge in the heart of Battambang; be prepared to have your adrenaline rushing throughout your blood stream.

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Do not worry about accommodation when you get to Cambodia. There are numerous accommodation facilities of high quality standards. For example, you can lodge at the Sokha beach resorts in Cambodia bearing in mind the fact that the beach itself is another magnificent tourist attraction. You can also lodge in the Sokha Angkor resort, a resort which recently attained a status of a five star hotel.

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