Bulgaria Public Holidays

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Bulgaria Holidays.

Bulgaria is a country in Eastern Europe, and Bulgarian is the main language spoken by most people in the country. The country has a number of official and non-official holidays, which are observed throughout the year. The major National holidays which are observed in the Republic of Bulgaria are outlined on the Bulgaria Calendar as follows:

New Year: This is the first holiday celebrated on 1 January that sets the stage for the year. It is an international holiday in line with most western countries. People celebrate the beginning of the New Year and express gratitude as well as hope for a better year ahead. The Bulgarian’ New Year is called Нова Година in the local language.

Day after New Year: This is a holiday that precedes the New Year on 2 January. It is a good day to rest after the previous day’s celebrations.

Liberation Day: Bulgaria was ruled by the Ottoman Empire in the old days. This is a day to celebrate the country’s independence from the Ottoman Empire, and the establishment of freedom for the people. The local name for this day is Ден на Освобождението на България от турско робство and it is celebrated on 3 March every year.

Good Friday: This is a Christian day of observance for events leading up to the crucifixion of Christ. The life of Christ and his mission on planet Earth to save people from their sins is celebrated. In Bulgaria, the date on which Good Friday commences is based on the Orthodox Christian Calendar. March and April are the common months in which Easter commences. Good Friday is known as Разпети петък  in Bulgarian.

Easter: This is the two-day part of the four-day Easter holiday featuring the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.Again, this is a floating holiday on the Orthodox Christian Calendar which depends on the date on which Good Friday commences. The locals call this holiday Великден

Easter Monday: This holiday precedes Easter Sunday and it is known as Великден  on the Bulgarian Calendar.

Labor Day: The Bulgarians observe Labor Day on 1 May, a day which is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the achievements of labor unions and to acknowledge the hard work of manual workers. The day is also called May Day and the locals call it Ден на труда in their language.

St George’s Day: On 6 May, the people celebrate St. George’s Day, a state holiday to honor the Bulgarian Army. This day is known as Гергьовден in Bulgarian language.

Culture Day: This is celebrated on 24 May. It is a holiday to celebrate the local culture. Art, Education and Slavonic literature is celebrated including the Cyrillic alphabet. The Bulgarian Culture Day is known as Ден на азбуката, културата и просветата in the local language.

Unification Day: This is a state holiday to commemorate the merging of Eastern Rumelia and Bulgaria as one state. Unification Day is celebrated on 6 September and the local people call it Ден на съединението

Independence Day: The Bulgarian Independence day is observed on 22 September. People take a day off to commemorate the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire. Independence Day is known as Ден на независимостта in the Bulgarian language.

Revival Leaders Day:  On 1 November, a holiday to celebrate leaders is observed. Another name for this holiday is Ден на народните будители

Christmas Eve: This is the day before Christmas, on the 24th of December, and it sets the stage for the upcoming festive season. Christmas Eve is called Бъдни вечер by the locals.

Christmas Day: Bulgarians join the world to celebrate Christmas on 25 December. Christmas Day also known as Коледа in Bulgarian, is a Christian holiday to remember the birth of the saviour, Jesus Christ.

Last Day of Christmas: In Bulgaria, 26 December is known as the second day of Christmas or last day of Christmas [ Коледа ].It is a holiday which takes the place of St. Stephens Day, which is widely celebrated in most European countries. This is the end of the Bulgaria Calendar, but you should note that these are only the official holidays. There are some festivals and local observances such as Granny Martha Day, Women’s Day and Radio/TV day.





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