Brazil Public Holidays

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Brazil Holidays

Brazil is a big South American country with a rich culture and Portuguese is the main language spoken in the country. A wide variety of holidays are celebrated and these include Federal holidays, state holidays, town / city holidays as well as cultural and religious holidays.

The government of Brazil has also declared that the period in which General Elections occur should also be a holiday. The election cycle occurs twice in the month of October – in the first Sunday of the month and on the last Sunday of the month. The official public holidays which are celebrated on the Brazil Calendar are discussed below:

New Year

Brazil opens the year with New Year celebrations on 1 January. The secular calendar is used to mark this date. New Year’s Day is known as Ano Novo Confraternizacao Universal in Portuguese. A number of festivals are held to celebrate the beginning of the New Year, and these include staying up until 12:00 at midnight on the night of 31 December to celebrate.

Tiradentes Day: The next major holiday is on 21 April, and it is known as Tiradentes Day or Dia de Tiradentes in Portuguese. This is the name of a Martyr who died in 1792 while partaking in the revolutionary movement of the time, that was fighting to establish Brazil as an independent state.

Labour Day: On 1 May, Brazil joins the world to celebrate Labour Day, also known as Dia do Trabalhadr in Portuguese. Workers are off from work on this day to commemorate the establishment of the Workers Union, its achievements and its goals.

Independence Day: Brazil celebrates its Independence Day on 7 September. The holiday is known as Dia da Independencia in the local language. On this day, everyone takes a day off to commemorate the establishment of Brazil as a sovereign state. Brazil became independent on 7 September in 1822, and it was no longer a Portuguese colony.

Lady of Aparecida Day: This is a Christian religious holiday also known as Nossa Senhora Aparecida in the local language. Nossa Senhora Aparecida is held on 12 October every year. It celebrates the Virgin Mary, who is considered a Saint in Brazil.Childrens Day also known as Dia das Criancas also happens to be celebrated on this same day.

Day of the Dead: This is a Christian holiday that is known as Dia de Finados by the citizens, and it is observed on 2 November each year. This is a day to commemorate all those who have died in Faith in God.

Republic Day: The next official holiday is Republic Day which is observed on 15 November. This is a holiday to mark the beginning of Brazil as an independent Republic on 15 November 1889.Prior to this, Brazil was ruled by Imperial forces. The holiday is known as Proclamacao da Republica.

Christmas Day: The last holiday on the official Brazil Calendar is Christmas Day, also known as Natal. This is celebrated on 25 December and Christians all around the country partake in festivals, feasts and ceremonies to celebrate the Birth of Jesus.









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