Bolivia Public Holidays

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Bolivia Holidays

Bolivia is a nice country where Spanish is the main language spoken by the majority of people. There are 10 main holidays in the Bolivia Calendar, and these are outlined as follows:

New Year: The first holiday of the year is the glorious New Year. This is celebrated on 1 January, like in most countries around the world. The New Year is known as Ano Nuevo in the local Spanish language.

Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria: On 2 February, the Bolivians celebrate a festival or feast known as Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria in Spanish.

Good Friday: The next important holiday is Good Friday, which kicks off the first day of the long Easter holiday. This is a variable holiday, meaning that there is no fixed date. The date is pre-determined each year by the Christian church

Corpus Christi: Following Good Friday is Corpus Christi, a holiday which is observed by Christians remembering the death of Christ and expressing the belief in the body and blood of Christ by consuming pieces of bread and wine. The date for this holiday depends on the dates for Easter Sunday.

Labor Day: After Corpus Christi, is Labor Day, also known as Dia del trabajo in Spanish. This takes place on 1 May every year. This is a Workers holiday to pay tribute to the hard working unskilled laborers.

Aymara New Year: After Labor Day, comes the local Bolivian holiday known as Andean-Amazonic New Year on 21 June. This is a traditional holiday that observes the Aymara New Year that takes place at the start of the winter solstice. It is known as Andino Amazonico in Spanish. This holiday has been in effect since 2010, when it was declared as a public holiday by the Bolivian government.

Agrarian Day: The Bolivian Agrarian Day follows on the 2nd of August. This is a day to celebrate the Agrarian Reform Law that was passed in 1953.Before 1953, this holiday was known as Dia del Indio, translated to [Day of the Indian] in English. The Agrarian Reform Day is known as Dia de la Revolucion Agraria,Productiva y Comunitaria in Spanish.

Bolivia Independence: Independence Day follows on 6 August. This is a day to celebrate the independence of Bolivia from Spanish colonialists.

All Saints Day: The following holiday, All Saints Day, is a Christian holiday observed by most Christian countries around the world, especially the Catholic countries. This day is commemorated on 1 November, and it is known as Todos Santos.

Christmas: Christmas Day is the final holiday of the year in the Bolivia Calendar. It is celebrated on 25 December by all people, athough it is a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ. Christmas is called Navidad in Spanish.

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