Armidale Attractions and Hotels

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Armidale city is located in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is a city where you will experience different seasons throughout the year. The Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring are very noticeable. The summer heat can reach 30 degrees Celsius and the Winter can hit -5-degree celsius.Armidale is midway between the Sydney to Brisbane route. When you are travelling from Sydney to Brisbane, you should pass Armidale along the way.

The region around Armidale, also known as New England (or Northern Tablelands) is composed of gorges with dense forests in the eastern region and bushes and pastureland in the western region.Here, there is an opportunity to enjoy nature in the form of nature reserves and parks. These include the World Heritage Park, Oxley Wild Rivers and Mount Yarrowyck.

Armidale has the rights to called itself the Cathedral city because of the presence of numerous Cathedrals run by the Catholic Church which among others include St Peters Anglican Cathedral and St Mary Catholic Cathedral.

The aerial view of Armidale from a plane is a neat grid pattern and it is apparent that the residential area is much bigger than the city centre. There are all sorts of shops and facilities which include the New England Hotel, the Tattersalls Hotel and a pedestrian mall.

Tourist attractions which should be on your itinerary include the Dargar Falls, Mount Yarrowyck (Ancient rock paintings by the indigenous people), Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, Ebor Falls, Cathedral Rock National Park and the Art Museum. You can also go bushwalking in the Waterfall Track.

Travelling in Armidale is by road,roal and air. There is a wide choice of transport to criss-cross between Sydney and Armidale. You can board a train that travels daily from Sydney to Armidale.Or if you have enough money, you can trave by air. There are daily flights at the Armidale Airport connecting Armidale and Sydney. Travelling by bus is a preferred option by most people. The Greyhound Bus Service offers daily trips. Numerous Taxis are also available.


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