Agoda 313 Hotel Deals for Phuket, Thailand – $14 a Night Discount Hotels

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This is travel time again, and the destination is Phuket, Thailand.There are 313 Phuket hotel deals to save you from paying the regular price. Thailand has one of the cheapest accommodations in the world and this makes your trip more enjoyable because you will have a lot of cash to do some shopping and spoil yourself. Although affordability is one of the reasons to visit Thailand, there are many bonuses waiting for you such as spending your holiday in an exotic environment. Just by looking at the following Phuket hotels which have been carefully selected for you, you will have a reason to smile:

The Album Loft

This 2.5 star hotel is offering a great discount of 80%.This means you will stay at the hotel for only $14 a night.Yes, you heard it right, only $14 per night. Where else can you find such a low price? The hotel is located in Patong.

B-Bossa Patong Hotel

This is the second most cheapest hotel to stay at after the Album Loft. The 2 star hotel is offering a 77% discount, which will leave you with the responsibility of forking out only $16 per night. Which traveler would not like this responsibility? The hotel is found in Patong.

Time Out Hotel

This is the third cheapest hotel of the day. A whopping 80% discount is available for visitors at this 2.5 star property. Located in Patong, the discounted price is only $20 a night.

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APK Resort and Spa

The 3 star hotel is located in Patong and it is offering a 75% discount. You will be required to pay only $22 per night.

If the above rates are not attractive enough for you to pack a bag and head over to Phuket, then you must be a free rider. There are over 300 discount hotels to get similar rates and to book one of these hotels, you must check out this site >> Agoda Hotels reservations.

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Time Out Hotel – Patong – Phuket – Thailand

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