262 Agoda Hotel Deals for Bangkok, Thailand – 80% Discount Hotels

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About 262 Bangkok hotel deals are available for visitors to Thailand. You can save up to 80% by booking with Agoda.The following is a list of Bangkok Hotels that are offering some of the lowest rates for accommodation.

Nantra Silom Hotel

This 3 star hotel has a visitor rating of 7.1/10 from 832 reviews. It is offering $34 a night for a hotel room, a 41% discount on the original price.

The Moonite Boutique Hotel

This 3 star hotel has a visitor rating of 8.5/10 from 147 reviews. You will stay at this boutique hotel for only $54 a night. This is a time limited offer.

Rembrandt Towers Serviced Apartments

These apartments are a 4 star property that offers a different kind of accommodation to vacation goers and travelers. The residence has 8/10 visitor rating from 231 reviews. The price is only $49 a night, an 80% discount on the original rate.

The city of Bangkok has over 326 hotels in Sukhumvit from which you can choose to stay. Other locations are Silom/Sathorn with 163 hotels and Siam with 53 hotels. The average price of a 3 star hotel is $41 a night and the average price for a 4 star hotel is $75 a night.

So why should you save on hotels? It is now possible to avoid paying the regular price when you are booking a hotel because there are travel agencies like Agoda which negotiate with hotels to provide the lowest rates for travelers. There is no reason why you should not be taking advantage of these travel agencies unless you have no idea about these hotel offers. There are 262 hotel deals being offered by discount hotels in Bangkok. These are all Agoda Hotels – Find out more:

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Nantra Retreat & Spa – Bangkok – Thailand

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