259 Hotel Deals for Bangkok, Thailand – $15 Per Night Agoda Hotels

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Bangkok, Thailand is one of the top destinations for exotic adventure lovers. We bring you deals on a silver plate so that you can enjoy your vacation at half the normal cost. A choice of 259 deals for Agoda hotels is available to make your dream come true. The average rate for booking a 3 star hotel is $41,the average price for a 4 star hotel is $75 and the average price for a 5 star hotel is $75.Extremely lower prices are available for 2-star hotels. Today’s top 3 choice of the best Bangkok hotels to book a hotel room are listed below. The following discount hotels are offering budget-friendly rates to visitors:

Nice Bird Suite

This 2 star hotel is offering the lowest rate of the day at only $15 a night. This is a hotel that is offering the best that a 2-star hotel can offer. It doesn’t matter what rating a hotel is as long as it is providing the best service that makes visitors happy. You have to realize that some low-star hotels can outperform high-star hotels if the staff is passionate about pleasing clients. There is no wonder why the Nice Bird Suite has a 6+ approval by visitors. Visitors who have stayed at this hotel rate it as a pleasant place to stay.

Phromsuk Mansion

The hotel is offering a good price at $35 a night. The visitor rating is a 5+, not so bad for a 2 star hotel.

Rembrandt Towers Serviced Apartments

This accommodation property has a 4-star rating and very good reviews by visitors at 7+.There are over 200 reviews from people who have stayed at this place and it just shows that it is a favorite place to stay for vacations. The property is offering an astronomical 80% discount for a stay at the residence. An occasional offer that you will not always find on the internet. At only $50 a night, you can enjoy the services and facilities offered by this apartment.

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Some of the popular areas in Bangkok where there is a chain of hotels are Sukhumvit with a total of 320 hotels, Silom/Sathorm with a total of 160 hotels and Siam with a total of 53 hotels.

A staggering 259 Bangkok hotel deals that give at least 50% price off are available for travelers to Thailand. You can browse these deals on Agoda.

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Rembrandt Towers Serviced Apartments – Bangkok, Thailand – 4 Stars

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