177 Agoda Hotel Deals for Pattaya, Thailand – $29 a Night Discount Hotels

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Pattaya is a popular resort in Thailand. There are 177 Pattaya hotel deals being offered by Agoda.If you are one of those people planning to visit this place, then you should take a look at these deals, including the 3 Pattaya hotels that are featured below:

Markland Beach View

This is a 3 star hotel on the beachside. It has a 6.8/10 rating from 325 visitor reviews. It will only cost you $46 to book a room for the night, which is a 45% saving on the original price.

Kintamani Exclusive Bali Villa and Resort

This 4 star tourist resort offers a villa residence which is a fantastic place to stay if you are tired of hotel rooms. A few people have rated this property with a good 8.1/10 rating. The price is only $95 a night (35% discount).

Nantra De Boutique Hotel

This 3.5 star hotel is offering a very low price – $29 a night (60% discount).The hotel has been rated 7/10 by people and it has over 1100 reviews. For its high class and facilities, this is an offer not to be missed. You will never find a 3.5 star hotel at this rate.

The most popular areas in Pattaya are the Beach Road, Central Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. There are a lot of discount hotels in these places. Over 300 hotels can be found in the resort town and you have approximately 177 hotel deals by Agoda to save money. Book a place below:

Find Agoda Hotels in Pattaya Thailand

2 star hotels

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3 star hotels

4 star hotels

5 star hotels

Nantra De Boutique Hotel – Pattaya – Thailand

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